Yawar Mazhar

Being in banking all my life and used to dealing in hard cold numbers and statements of facts I am not easily given to emotions. When Moeed asked to write a testimonial for Hobby Lobby, a sudden deluge of beautiful memories took place and I quickly started writing this testimonial for this could only be a very small acknowledgement of what Hobby Lobby meant for me. I count introduction to scale and aero modelling as one of the best things that happened to me amongst other blessings that I am fortunate enough to count. Mr Adeem and Hobby Lobby stand at the center of this, I recall seeing beautifully made scale models during one of my trips to Singapore and wondered how I could make the same. Soon back in Pakistan I was at Hobby Lobby sitting in front of Adeem sahib and pestering him with my basic questions. I recall how proudly I showed a 1/32 scale P51D Mustang model to Adeem sahib, built from a kit i bought from him and his endearing encouragement and his delight in seeing the beginning of a modeller. His words explained the essence of scale modelling and the habits I acquired as a result still do me well.

I soon branched into aero modelling and again Adeem sahib was there with his most well designed basic trainer, a design which was gentle for a starter but taught all the basics very well. That with an OS40 engine served me for the first few months, in between Hobby Lobby was excellent in arranging a replacement transmitter when my transmitter started malfunctioning. From this trainer to my first pattern ship to scale and sports aero models, Adeem Sahib and Hobby Lobby were equal partners in this journey. By the time Adeem sahib was a father figure for the aero modelling community in Lahore and on his visits to the field, all young and experienced would share their achievements with him as a friend.

I also recall the young Moeed who not only shouldered his father’s business responsibilities with maturity but also his interest in RC cars was infectious. I try to esnure that in my visits to Pakistan I visit Hobby Lobby and am delighted that it continues to serve the modelling community very well.

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